We want a*pour toi to be both glamorous and healthier and it is both. Working with some experts in nutrition coupled with our sense of French elegance makes for a brilliant combination. You can be assured that a*pour toi will always have the best selections in flavor, well-being and style. At a*pour toi, we aim to provide scrumptious & delicious food made with high quality ingredients keeping health in mind. We seek pure ingredients, full flavors, and the benefits they offer. Organic, non-GMO or raw ingredients are chosen as much as possible.

Our selections are based on a wealth of research from both previous experience and extensive visits to farmers, markets, boutique shops, and hidden food locales. We will select items that will bring wonder and pleasure to your life while keeping you healthier and well nourished.

As is the philosophy in France, we believe that good food made with quality ingredients is the way to eat well & live well. For example, small portions of real butter serve our palate and provide an aroma & texture that leave us feeling rewarded and satisfied more than larger amounts of a hydrogenated substitute. Additionally, the health impact of the butter, made from grass fed cows, is likely better than the artificially hydrogenated substitute. Being healthy does not mean we have to deprive ourselves, but rather that the nutrient components of our diet should be consumed wisely and why not be enjoyed! As such, our items are meant to help create special moments. They are meant to be savored & appreciated, enjoyed with mindful delight as part of a balanced diet.

best sellers

Elegance $99

“L’Elegance dans la simplicité” Oh, so French! and absolutely refined, this gift is the...

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Freedom $99

A true "invitation au voyage".3 sachets of gourmet Haute-chocolates, freshly-made by ou...

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Elegance & Sunshine $88

Enjoy this delightful box of a few favorite French selection for a happy and elegant gift

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Sweet & Savory $99

The exquisite selection of Sweet and Savory from France and California 3 sachets of gou...

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