I started a*pour toi to take on one of the biggest needs we all have, in a more positive and easier way:

“What would we like to do to nurture relationships with family, friends and elders, plus feel good about our acts?”

Intrinsically a*pour toi's wish is to act generously and give moments of joy and pleasure. That’s why we are seeking to give back as much as possible. We are currently in the active process of investing in a non-profit organization. The criteria for that meaningful choice are:

  - the organization must be in US and for US citizens

  - must contribute to nourish those in need

  - bring a better world and environment for families

We are investing possibilities to offer to some orphanages a*pour toi gift boxes per child at different moments of the year and the same for retirement homes for the elderly. We like to share with them moments of simple, sweet moments of life that all of us enjoy. As a way to participate we’ll like you to write a nice poem, note, crosswords, etc. that will display in the boxes they receive.

Our final engagement and precise plan for each contribution per box will be finalized for Mother’s day 2013 in order to celebrate that very special day for everyone. 

Your suggestions are welcome and would be appreciated, please write to us at

I care. with elegance

Julie Hasson and a*pour toi team

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