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Parisian are famed to be chic, coquette and have this je ne sais quoi  touch of elegance. For those who want to know where Parisians go shopping, here are the top 5 shops in Paris.

1- Colette. Located in Rue St-Honoré, in the heart of the Capital, Colette is  hype concept store where you can take a coffee break while finding the latest trends in beauty, fashion, music, books and various accessories.

2- Le Bon Marché. This department store, built by Gustave Eiffel, houses top fashion and cosmetic brands. Don't miss its legendary épicerie, a real Aladdin's cave for French artisanal products, and refined products from around the world.

3- L'Eclaireur. Another important concept store in the French Capital. For thirty years now, trendy fashion designers have taken over the store's eight locations.

4- Merci. Placed in Boulevard Beaumarchais, in the Marais, Merci is an ethnic concept store that stands out with eco-friendly brands.

5- All the stores in the Palais Royal are well worth a visit. In this great place, you can discover fabulous and restaurants.

Beyond these five wonderful shopping landmarks, at every street's corner, you can find wonderful stores, in Paris.

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