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Friends always ask me which are my favorite restaurants in Paris, so here are they :

(the more chic and delicious restaurant are closed on WE in Paris( that's the new snobish way and people invite their friends at their place in Paris during WE we don't go on restaurant on Saturday so...): 

*the best new restaurant in Paris : http://www.akrame.com/ restaurant Akrame

*classique and chic : my favorite : Apiscius www.restaurant-apicius.com/, and l'Astrance, Address: 4 Rue Beethoven, 75016 Paris Phone or l'Arpege http://www.alain-passard.com/, or a classic still nice one Caviar Kaspia on Madeleine Place

*delicious, casual and trendy : Frenchie (make a reservation 1 month before) it's fabulous and le comptoir du relais (HAVE to try),  l'atelier de Joel Robuchon, 5 Rue Montalembert , 75007 Paris, restaurant Derrière 75003, lunch at Hotel Amour (super nice terrasse), Ferdi rue du Mont Thabor, lunch at Jean Paul Hevin rue st honoré, or Colette, rue faubourg saint Honoré for late lunch too 

*brunch on a Sunday or Saturday: Mama Shelter or brunch and go for the antiques market Saturday and Sunday : (THAT YOU'LL ADORE) puce de Saint Ouen and lunch at les Cocottes

For Paris the best guide is  http://www.lefooding.com/guide-restaurant-paris-france/ all the good taste people know it, you too now!

Enjoy and let me know yours



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