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Living the Dream: Julie Hasson

Name: Julie Hasson
Age: No comment
Location: San Francisco/Paris
Education: Stanford University B.S Engineer and Executive program
Job title: CEO and Founder a*pour toi
How she got her gig: Call it a teenage dream – no not the Katy Perry kind but ever since Julie was in high school she loved selecting the perfect gifts for her friends and family.  “The idea of a*pour toi came from a need, which became a wish and has manifested in a simple solution: gifting with care. I love sharing with the people I care for: my family, my friends, my colleagues, my clients," says Julie. And with that inspiration Julie created her own business.
What she does: Decadent macaroons, heavenly Swiss chocolate, exquisite cookies all indulgences you see and dream about but hesitate to purchase on your own. Julie created a*pour toi which is a giftbox subscription service where a member signs up themselves and every month gets an assortment of goodies sent to them. Julie curates each and every product that gets selected. “I curate with meaning and taste. As a sophisticated Parisienne who has lived in many parts of the world, I am committed to seeking out the finest things to bring pleasure to your life. Each month we offer you a new, beautiful and unique box filled with wonder to create a meaningful collection of pleasure and flavor. Within these boxes, you will find scrumptious and healthy food, gathered specifically to fit your dietary needs,” says Julie. She has also created a series called “Word of the Month” that offers a unique word or poem, one that embodies that which we hold true. Julie also includes images, both personal and artistic, to enrich the story that a*pour toi initiates.
Meet and Greet: Julie would first and foremost like to meet the queen of daytime TV herself, Oprah Winfrey. Not only because she is an all-star but due to the awareness she brings to powerful causes. Julie would also like to meet Ellen Degeneres and Marie Osmond for the same reasons. “And of course, Martha Stewart, because of her strong temper and taste,” says Julie.
De-Stress: Julie combats stress with a lot of tea time, cookies, and outdoor activities.
Best part of the gig: “Being with my team and the customers, means the relationship around the beautiful a*pour toi experience,” says Julie.
This job’s for you if: “you just do it and keep in mind the journey is as much important as the goal because on the way we often have to pivot, but to keep in mind the point you truly want to reach,” says Julie.
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