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Posted on February 01, 2013 by Rachel Kung | 1 Comment

"Who doesn’t love a box of goodies arriving by mail? The answer is simple; EVERYONE loves a parcel full of tasty treats."

"Julie Hasson, the Founder of a*pour toi, describes this product as “gifting with care”, and we love it!"

"All natural ingredients, no trans fats, no preservatives or artificial flavors. That right there is the way to snack, and treat yourself to some sweets."

"A balanced diet and lifestyle are always important factors to stress-free living and a joyful demeanor. So, eat healthy, indulge on occasion, and treat yourself or others with a gift like this one!"

Chrissy and Lauren, two young and sweet, girls from San Diego have wrote a beautiful and magnificient post about a*pour toi and reviewing our January Elegance box. Click to read.


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I care. with elegance

Valentine's is AMOUR time

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Sandy Kress
Sandy Kress

February 19, 2013


What an absolutely beautiful website. No wonder your friends loved the gifts you sent them.
You have created a special niche market and so refreshing after all the other things that are out there, heavily marketed and out of date as to health benefits.

See you soon, Sandy

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