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The Christmas Spirit is in full gear around here since the kids are home from school and enjoying some time off.  We have been busy seeing friends, doing a little shopping, wrapping presents and eating, but of course. Speaking of eating, I received a FABULOUS package in the mail from a company called a*pour toi!

 a*pour toi, which translates to “a*[present] for you,” is a monthly gift box of beautiful, delicious and healthy gourmet foods that nurtures relationships.

The beautiful box is filled with an array of goodies from different parts of the world that are not only special but delicious.

 The whole presentation from the delivery of the box to the goodies inside scream sophistication and elegance.  I love it!

Who came up with such a brilliant idea?  Julie Hasson, Founder

“As a French woman with a loving family, I have been educated in a very tasteful and meaningful environment. The way to say “I love you” in my family is by truly giving to and sharing pleasurable moments with our loved ones. Having lived in many different parts of the world like Paris, Milan, Sri Lanka and San Francisco, my parents & my friends have always sent me unique packages filled with selected French gourmet food and other surprises. Through all my travels, and all the people I have met, food, beauty and pleasure have been a constant. It has demonstrated the relationship between a beautiful life and a meaningful one. a * pour toi is my commitment to offering the same experiences that I have had through the generosity and elegance that has been offered to me.” 

 Julie Hasson

The best part of these beautiful gifts is that they are not only elegant but healthy too. Julie Hasson teamed up with Tara D. Seneviratne, MD to provide a range of delicacies for your dietary needs.

“I want a*pour toi to be both glamorous and healthy and it is both. Working with an expert in nutrition coupled with my sense of French style makes for a brilliant combination. You can be assured that a*pour toi will always have the best selections in flavor, well-being and style. “ Julie Hasson

Our selections are based on a wealth of research from both previous experience and extensive visits to farmers, markets, boutique shops and hidden food locales. Each month, we will select items that will bring wonder and pleasure to your life while keeping you healthy and well nourished.

Dr. Tara Seneviratne is our expert in nutrition. She is an endocrinologist, a physician specialized in diabetes, hormonal disorders, and metabolism, and has always been passionate about food. Her interest in food has been life long and includes everything from the intrinsic joy of eating, to the visual & social aspects around food, and to the understanding of how diet translates into health and well-being.
The January 2013 is filled with : 
- Exclusive French taste : 1 pack of 5 Truffles high quality from a*pour toi brand
- Exclusive French taste :1 pack of 20 white chocolate pistachio from a*pour toi brand
- Exclusive French taste : 3 calissons
- Exclusive French taste : 1 pack of melon & muscat Gluten Free biscuits from Les Aristocades, a very French exclusive gourmet brand

 - 1 pack of 3 Butter horns from US brand 

 - 1 pack of chocolate vanilla swirl from US brand 

 - 1 pack of chocolate dipped from US brand 

 + a personalized note from the gift maker 

 + a keepsake cotton pouch 

 + a keepsake box 

 Wow!  What an incredible spread of goodies.

 I was so excited to get the Calissons.  I fell in love with these special treats when my husband and I visited Aix in Provence.  

 Calissons – are a unique almond paste candy that has a very distinctive and addictive quality. YUM!


 I have yet to try everything but did crack open the White Chocolate Covered Pistachios which are simply delightful!

I love the salty and sweet combination.  

I also had to try the Chocolate Truffle.  Oh my goodness, it is rich and decadent just like it should be!
I have invited a friend over for tea today and can't wait to serve some of the other crackers and treats included in this fabulous gift.
If you are having trouble deciding what to get for some of the people on your gift list, then look no further because a*pour toi has got you covered.  Honestly, these would make a perfect gift for anyone on your list!   
I am off to work but I hope all of you have a spectacular day!

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