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I would like to introduce our editor, Frederique Benhamou, born and raised in Paris, where she will forever keep her elegance and happiness. After 12 years in finance, as a bonds manager, she fell in love and moved to Los Angeles. She then gave birth to her lovely son, Roman, since then she has been a yoga teacher and a stylist, but she is more of a full-time mom and an amazing cook.

She will share with us her best healthy advice and recipes for a happy life.

She's the most generous, funny and sensitive person I know, all in a healthy and beautiful body and mind 

Julie Hasson 



I am so glad to be part of this journey with a*pour toi. Roman, my son, and I share the same excitement for food. Even at 7 years old he can tell me what he wants from breakfast to dinner every single day, including the restaurant he wants to go to and what to eat while there.

But before telling you about everything we eat and love, we need to speak about the beginning of the day, meaning breakfast!!! We love breakfast, and this morning when Roman woke up he said "Maman I want a carrot apple fresh juice" I promise... that I wasn't expecting!! So I took acentrifuge and peeled carrots from the organic farmer market in Santa Monica and two Fuji apples and he just loves it! With this, I made oatmeal that I mixed with flax seed, some strawberry...and that's it ... oh ... when he left for school he took some a*pour toi' chocolates in his pocket ;).

Frederique Benhamou

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