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Our delicious and very special addresses in Paris. If your in Paris or your just visiting here are a fewrestaurantsand places I believe you'll appreciate while in Paris. 


- Saturne (it's a unique fresh and delicious menu everyday) http://www.saturne-paris.fr/

-Frenchie (I love that place) http://www.frenchie-restaurant.com/

-Restaurant l'Arpège vegetarian where lunch is fantastic there http://www.alain-passard.com/


- l'éclaireur (new, you're going to LOVE in le Marais, take a walk over the area ) http://www.leclaireur.com/en/category/stores-en/sevigne-en/

- all the arcades inside Palais Royal 

- Colette (a really nice curation place and food is really enjoyable) 

 Julie Hasson

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