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Coming into a company where everyone speaks French and being the only American, I had to do what I could to bring my American background and influence the company, especially since we were creating an American brand but with a French influence. Being a second-generation Chinese American born in San Francisco, never traveling to France myself, I had to learn more about the French culture. So I decided to interview my very Parisian boss, Julie Hasson.

So what makes French women so different from American women?

Apparently they are way more exclusive. They highly value relationships, they’re unique, precious yet crazy. Relationships are very important to them as they uphold expectations, therefore they aren’t as promiscuous. Although they tend to cherish their relationships more, apparently they can be pretty “crazy” (as quoted by Julie), not to scare men away from dating a French woman or anything.

French women are also very reserved, you won’t find them partying every weekend or out getting drinks with their girlfriends/coworkers at happy hour. For me I feel uncool not going out over the weekend or have a few drinks with friends or family. They prefer to stay in reading a good book or poem. They are more reserved as they become more intimate with themselves, day dreaming starring out the window. They don’t mind being so private and reserved to themselves, I guess they just really appreciate “me time.”

What is the most interesting to me is French beauty. Growing up in California, the state of plastic surgeries and always looking your best (hair done, nails done, makeup caked on, and wearing the latest trends). They are way more natural when it comes to their beauty, which made me take a look around and I did notice that they don’t come into work wearing any make up and without their hair done. But they all still look so beautiful! Maybe I should start using their beauty regime so I don’t always have to wear makeup and look as good as they do. Their style is a lot more simple and elegant too. I guess that backs up the reputation of Paris being the fashion capital of the world.

It has definitely been fascinating comparing the two cultural differences of being a woman and how we act and represent ourselves. French women are definitely still more in-tuned with their femininity than American women. Stay classy America we can learn a thing or two.

Share with us other differences you’ve encountered.

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