"every day is a new life for the wise man"

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"Every day is a new life for the wise man"
let's enjoy our piece of cake of the day, this is happiness !
Gift basket gourmet

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tastemaker julie hasson on dmondaine blog

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Julie comes to us despite her crazy schedule mentoring start-ups and running her own, A Pour Toi.  Julie is the epitome of French chic- understated, beautiful and well, a je ne sais quoi attitude that is so elegant you can consume it.  Alright, let me explain-A Pour Toi, Julie's e-commerce business sends the perfect gift baskets designed based on monthly themes.  Not only is the packaging timeless, the sweets are utter deliciousness.  Luckily, she gave us a moment and we were able to delve into her lovely, French world.

1. What's your motto?
"I care with elegance" This is my personal motto as much as it is the motto of A Pour Toi.  I apply this to my everyday life and to the nature of the relationships I love.
2. 3 Beauty Trends you are looking forward to this Spring.
Well, as a Parisienne, I follow and trust the likes of French brands and artists.  So with that in mind, pastels: Tender&Fresh.  They are great for both the spirit and the body! I adore light blue, jade and rose. Secondly,  massages: Although this may not seem like a trend, I am always searching for new techniques. From Asian methods to Swedish, they are constantly changing!
And lastly, after having moved to LA I am looking for revolutionary juice cleanses and organic cremes to diversify my collection and promote wellness.  Inner beauty is an immediate translation of what's happening on the outside.
3. What's your go-to outfit?
I like an outfit that will easily transition from day to night.  Skinny dark jeans, a lovely white blouse, black jacket, a pair of my favorite heels and elegant earrings.
4.  What are some of the most exciting things about starting your own business?
Meeting great people with which to share your story.  The telling of your story then becomes means by which people inspire you, love and admire your brand.  It's a journey and a fabulous experience.
5.  What do you miss most about France?
My friends.  French relationships are much different.  Oh, and a fresh baguette with butter, of course!
6.  Why do you love your shape?
Oh well..because my loved ones make me feel sexy!

Feeling French? We thought you might! It may have also left a bit of a taste of imaginary baguette in your mouth...or perhaps that was just us! If A Pour Toi got you as excited to give good gifts as it did us, enter SPECIALDMONDAINE upon checkout for free shipping. 


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need to get-away? escape to the french riviera

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What comes to mind when evoking the South of France are the sweetness of life, the local flavors and scents, and that special Southern light that is quite similar to the one found in Southern California. A light so incredible that it became the source of inspiration of avant-garde painters such as Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso and Van Gogh.

Since visual arts are so much part of the region's culture, the place to visit there is definitely Saint-Paul de Vence's Maeght Foundation, a Modern Art Museum founded by Marguerite and Aimé Maeght and which witnessed the birth of Braque, Georges Bonnard and Alexander Calder's major works.

For the Côte d'Azur and Provence, the places to visit are Nice, Antibes, Saint-Tropez, the Poquerolles Island, Biot and Aix.

In the South of France, time seems to have stopped and every moment is unique: going to the beach, enjoying a game of pétanque with the locals, shopping in a charming village's market, or discovering local products such as anise-flavored biscuits, cheese, fruits, or the famous Calissons from Aix. Some of the products that you can now enjoy with our a*pour toi gift boxes until your next visit to the region.

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top 5 shops in paris

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Parisian are famed to be chic, coquette and have this je ne sais quoi  touch of elegance. For those who want to know where Parisians go shopping, here are the top 5 shops in Paris.

1- Colette. Located in Rue St-Honoré, in the heart of the Capital, Colette is  hype concept store where you can take a coffee break while finding the latest trends in beauty, fashion, music, books and various accessories.

2- Le Bon Marché. This department store, built by Gustave Eiffel, houses top fashion and cosmetic brands. Don't miss its legendary épicerie, a real Aladdin's cave for French artisanal products, and refined products from around the world.

3- L'Eclaireur. Another important concept store in the French Capital. For thirty years now, trendy fashion designers have taken over the store's eight locations.

4- Merci. Placed in Boulevard Beaumarchais, in the Marais, Merci is an ethnic concept store that stands out with eco-friendly brands.

5- All the stores in the Palais Royal are well worth a visit. In this great place, you can discover fabulous and restaurants.

Beyond these five wonderful shopping landmarks, at every street's corner, you can find wonderful stores, in Paris.

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